Not a Photography

Not a Drone Shot, But a Painting.​​

Combining Art and Wedding is a rising trend that we see in the modern generation right now. 

But all of us have seen the fun entrances, the drone shots, and the dancers ...

So why not surprise your guests with a Live Wedding Painting?

Picture this!

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It's your big day and a hall is turned into your dream wedding venue

Filled with the most important people of your life, all there to see you.

And in front of you, in front of many people, stands a live painter with his blank canvas 

Painting the intricate details that a camera cant capture, and turning it into a masterpiece that you can hang in your home.

Yes, I Want That!​​​​​​​​

"People don't even know what's going on. They walk into the room and they're like, “Well, what is this? What, what are you doing?” It's the surprise element that entertains the guests"

- Lakshmi Sarkar

​Here's what you can choose from us:

Live wedding painting, wedding theme, wedding plan, wedding


In this painting the artist capture the whole environment and feel of the rituals that take place.

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Live wedding painting, wedding theme, wedding ideas, wedding planner


In portrait painting artist creates the environment as well as the portrait of the couple with the entire dress up of the wedding attire…

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Magic Portrait

A beautiful Wall Canvas art for homes, offices, studios, restaurants, nurseries and many other spaces. This is not our artwork, This is made by you and your friends.. You can make this activity at your weddings, for birthdays, logo promotion, company logo, corporate event, many more..

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Our Client Reactions

"Live Indian Painters are AMAZING!! They painted our ceremony and it was breath taking. They painted throughout the night, and guests LOVED watching them. They finished by the conclusion of the reception, and we were able to take the piece home with us. They are beyond talented, and also the friendliest persons. They were so sweet and we were so happy to have them at our wedding. We would recommend them to anyone!!" - Sumit Sunil Kadam

"Live Indian Painters are absolutely amazing and so talented! The painting was a surprise for my sister and brother-in-law at their wedding and they were so awestruck! Not only them, but the guests were amazed as well and throughout the afternoon and evening followed the progress and they all loved the finished painting! Definitely highly recommended!" - Shivani Naik

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